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How to Market iPhone Apps eBook
Top 5 reasons you should get this eBook:
You’ll be given insight into what makes a great app.
It will give you a high level understanding of iPhone app marketing.
It’s full of practical ideas of ways to market your app (paid & free).
Each chapter has tips, best practices, and homework (possible next steps)!
Finally, I end it with additional key resources (like where I go to learn more or how to set up an Admob campaign).

Publish your own ebook apps for the iPhone and iPad.
Complete app source code (Xcode); Native iPhone and iPAD support; No programming experience necessary; Just add your content and publish.

Upload, download, transfer, manage & share your files on any mobile device. ipa, ogg, mpg, mp4, mp3, jpg, gif, png, aac, doc, docx, xls, txt, pdf, zip, rar, tar, m4a, jar, flv, swf, wmv, wav, avi, mov & more to EXPLORE!

Unbeatable Apps
You can have your own iPhone or Android app, possibly making YOU $8,000 a month OR MORE in thirty days - without doing any programming at all!

Slide2Call - Stop Accidental Dialing
Slide2Call is a mobile application that prevents you from making unwanted accidental calls. Each attempt to make a call is interrupted by a ready-to-confirm slider. To proceed with the call, simply move the slider from left to right.

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